At Raptor, we love to hear how our products made your manufacturing job run more efficiently.  If you have a story about how Raptor helped your business, please let us know.  It's through your feedback that we are able to improve and innovate.

In June of 2008 we took delivery of a Matsuura MAM 72-35V, a five axis palletized machine with 32 pallets and 240 resident tools. We had recently been awarded a contract to machine manifolds for the aerospace industry and each manifold had to pass first article inspection prior to the release of the full contract and prior to full production ramp up. This had to be done quickly because the clock was ticking on our monthly payments.

After the installation of the machine was complete the first issue we had to resolve was workholding. We thought about designing and manufacturing our own fixtures but the amount of time involved was too great. And then we discovered Raptor Workholding. Raptor Fixtures incorporate a dovetail design on their products, which provides superior strength and access to the workpiece.

Once we decided to go with Raptor, we quickly started cutting chips and delivered the first manifold to our customer in August of 2008, just two months after the delivery of our machine; by October all four manifolds had passed first article inspection and our customer released the long term contract.

I would recommend Raptor Products to any company that needs a workholding solution, especially for 4th and 5th axis milling applications. There are not a lot economical options available out there that can accomplish what these fixtures do.

The decision to use Raptor Fixtures for this project was without question a key element to our success. We have tooled our entire machine with these fixtures and any new job that we set up in the MAM is engineered to run on the Raptor fixtures.

- David Fisher, President
  S&H Machine, Inc., Burbank, California

Raptor Fixtures are also Great for Turning!

We used fixture RWP-001 (1.5” Dovetail Fixture) in a CNC Lathe and it was a success. The part held firm in the fixture with ZERO movement.  Clamps were Hand Tightened.

We first tested a long overhang rectangular aluminum block measuring 6.00” X 2.00” X 3.50” running at 3,000 RPMs (without cutting any material). There was no movement so we decided to machine our part. Then we ran a square aluminum block at 3,000 RPM with an Interrupted-cut.  It was a piece of 2.5” square aluminum measuring approx 2.00” long with a depth of cut of .150 per side (.300 total).  There was no movement.  The fixture performed perfectly.

- Dao Ha, Vice President / Production Manager
  S&H Machine, Inc., Burbank, California

Ross Machine Company is a job shop servicing several different industries. We never know what work will come in the door next. In 2009 we purchased our first five axis machine, a Matsuura MAM72-42V with 24 pallets. We tried some homemade universal fixtures with relatively good success but struggled to securely hold larger parts. Then we saw the Raptor fixtures in a trade magazine. Raptor sent us one to look at and test and we were immediately hooked. The problem with our large parts moving on us during finishing went away. Our parts were better than ever, both dimensionally and finish-wise.

Now it’s 2013 - four more five axis machines and over a hundred Raptor fixtures later and we still love using them. The "never build another fixture" claim is true. The Raptor fixtures have saved us a fortune in fixturing. I can't even put a dollar figure on the time they've saved us and the quicker start to our jobs that the Raptor fixtures allow us is winning points with our customers. Now we need to get some Raptors for our horizontals.

- Paul Johnston, Vice-President
  Ross Machine Company Belcamp, Maryland


We are an aerospace machine shop specializing in automation for repeat work. When we purchased several sophisticated machining centers in 2007, programming and tooling quickly became a bottleneck.

We now use the RWP-001 and RWP-002 fixtures for 5-axis milling and for horizontal milling. They've proven to be strong enough for our heavy cuts and our large workpieces, and they require us to waste very little material for workholding purposes.

The real power of the Raptor fixture, though, is in numbers. We've decided that every 5-axis part we run will be held using a Raptor dovetail fixture. Accordingly, almost all of the pallets in our Matsuura 5-axis mill are loaded with RWP-001's and RWP-002's. These fixtures are never removed from the machine; their pallets are dedicated for Raptor fixtures. We've incorporated the solid models into our CAD/CAM templates so that our programmers see exactly where the fixture sits in the machine's envelope.

With this arrangement, we no longer need to spend time designing workholding solutions for our first milling operations (and on the 5-axis, the first milling operation usually completes all of the major part features). We spend less time programming, because the fixture model is already imported and oriented when we start a new file. We don't spend any time removing or replacing custom fixtures in our machine, because the pallets are dedicated for Raptor fixtures. We're still able to run a wide variety of parts on a shared machine, but we've eliminated the changeover time.

In short, we no longer waste our machinists' valuable time with mundane, repetitive tasks. By standardizing on Raptor as our workholding solution, we're able to spend our time on our core competency: automated machining of precision parts.

-Brian O'Rell, President
 Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc., Simi Valley, California

W Machine Works utilizes Five-Axis palletized machines for unattended machining.  We turned to Raptor when we had a capacity limitation in a five axis cell. 

We needed to add flexibility and create additional capacity by moving production to another resource; or risk not meeting our customer's delivery dates.  We purchased 6 Raptor Workholding fixtures. 

The goal was to machine complex aerospace products made from titanium blocks using fixtures by Raptor Workholding Products.  Their fixtures allowed us to machine parts ranging from 3" cubed to parts measuring 3” X 3” X 15” on the same fixture, providing us the flexibility and capacity we needed.  We were very IMPRESSED with the fixtures.  They are every bit as rigid as advertised.  
There was some initial concern from our shop foreman that the fixtures would not be rigid enough.  After cutting the first piece he was no longer concerned.  He was confident enough to quickly run the entire order unattended in the NMV5000 cell. 

Thanks to Raptor we were able to meet our customer's delivery dates.  The performance was 100 times better than we had expected.  We have since purchased 6 more fixtures and will continue using Raptor products in the NMV5000 cell and Matsuura 72-35V cell.  We will be using the Raptor Workholding system a lot more now that we have proved its power and flexibility.

Randy Neckien
VP Operations
W Machine Works

Pricing Adjustments

Raptor Workholding will have a 6% weighted average price adjustment effective August 1, 2018.

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