Piranha offers serrated jaws in different options. The double serrations allow you to get a superior clamping force on your part. Call for pricing and more information. 800-543-4071
The Piranha Gepard with aluminum machinable jaws allows the customer to design their own jaws with a low profile vise which is self centering for their 5 axis work.
Friday is almost here, do you have all the parts you need to continue lights out?
Scott Johnston and Kathy Rose doing on the job training to familiarize the products we offer!
TE-CO would like to congratulate Mike Hodgin our new Precision Products and TOOLEX Production Supervisor. Mike attended Miami Valley Career Technology Center and has been with TE-CO for approximately 18 years. Mike has done in classroom demonstrations at locals schools ...
Happy First Day Of Summer!☀️🏝
June 20th, 1782 the bald eagle was selected by the continental congress as the national emblem!
Happy National Bald Eagle Day!
The RWP-262 is our universal riser which replaces our previous RWP-201, RWP-205, RWP-206 and RWP-228. It has slotted counter bores which allows the capability to be mounted to multiple machines. The bottom surface has mounting for our universal locator the ...
Raptor would like to welcome our newest customer service specialist Kathy Rose. Kathy has worked in the shipping department at TE-CO for the past year and a half. Kathy came to TE-CO with a background in customer service and supply ...
Here’s to the Stars and the Stripes!
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Natalie Scott and Bob Marinelli going over all things workholding at Haas Demo Day in Tampa, FL!
Photo cred - Steve Drew
Dale Shields is off to a good start at Haas Demo Day in Cleveland!
Stop in today and visit Scott Johnston at Haas Demo Day in Springboro!
And we’re just about through Monday!
Customer testimonial on Piranha Cooling Line:
“Ran air through 1/2” nozzles on a Mitsubishi hobbing machine. The part was cool to touch, air pressure was considerably greater and it completely evacuated the chips which eliminated the chip welding.”
We have ...
Save time, save money with Raptor!
Raptor Dovetail Fixture RWP-001SS
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The Raptor Picatinney Rail Fixture fits any of our Raptor .75” fixtures, conforms to the picatinney spec, and has a complete clamping bar to provide more accurate location and stability to the part in the fixture.
#raptorworkholding #workholdingsolutions #makingchips720 #5axis ...
Wishing you a safe and beautiful Memorial Day weekend! 🇺🇸
VMR1 Competition Racing - Raptor Working Holding Thanks to having amazing customers! Our buddies at WMR Competition Performance put together this video for us. Thank you for your support guys. Having great customers like you is what keeps us motivated! Check out their links below.
Instagram: ...
Raptor Pinch Block Check out how to use Raptor's Pinch blocks for a quick workholding solution for secondary and final operations. 5 axis workholding - Soft jaws for your Dovetail fixtures.
We're looking forward to seeing you at IMTS 2016! Come check out our brand new, interchangeable jaw, 5-axis self centering vise. Booth W-1556.
WIN A DOVETAIL FIXTURE: JUNE CONTEST '16 Hi Everyone! If you're not already following us on Instagram or Facebook please do for a chance to win a FREE RAPTOR DOVETAIL FIXTURE! All you need to do is post and share a photo of your parts running on ...
Getting The Most From Your 5 Axis - Multi-Fixtures Awesome video by Tim Paul of Autodesk, Inc. using Raptor's multi-fixture nest RWP-003-4X in the MX-520.
Adapter Plate/ Riser: RWP-234 (Direct connect to the 300mm pallet)
Multi Fixture: RWP-003-4X
How to use Raptor Workholding - Training: 1 This video was created for training purposes on Raptor Workholding products.
For questions please feel free to contact
Sarah Selva: National Sales Manager
(818) 841-1785
Workholding Tips for your Haas Indexer COMING SOON: Watch as Hauck Engineering uses Raptor's brand new adapter to do some aggressive 4 axis machining. This new adapter is a direct mount to your HA5C allowing you to attach it right onto your indexer and get to ...
Raptor Workholding Products See how Raptor's Dovetail fixtures work on our new video!

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