Raptor is extremely versatile to meet your needs. Parts you machine come in all different shapes and sizes. Have a large part? Use a standard Dovetail Fixture. Smaller part? Mount a smaller fixture on top of a standard size fixture. ...
From start to finish, Raptor and Esprit Cam get the job done!
Raptor Dovetail Fixture RWP-001
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Customize to fit your application!
The Piranha Cooling Line is a unique and versatile system for precise coolant supply made in 1/8,1/4, ½” sizes. Made of high-strength anodized aluminum, it withstands pressures of up to 80 bar and can be ...
Tiny but mighty! Raptor 3/4” Dovetail Fixture: RWP-003
Check out our website for all 3/4” options:
Thanks @spellmanmachine for the post!
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Esprit Cam showing off a sweet production at Knox Machinery’s open house today. How about that Dovetail Fixture? Raptor helps make it happen!
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The Piranha Zero Point Vise System is unique in the market by offering 2 different types of vise systems. The Snapper vise utilizes serrated jaws with 3mm of clamping depth and 8,000 lbs of clamping force used for holding castings. ...
More sunlight or sleep, which do you prefer?
I think I can speak for all of us here at Raptor when I say that we are proud to work for our President, Rich Porter. He has recently taken over the role of The James Foundation Board chair and ...
We are loving this positive feedback! Thank you @nutted_it_machining!
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Posted @withrepost • @nutted_it_machining More raptor fixtures. Great way of holding on, to be able to machine all the way around your parts! 24 ...
Seeing double! Looks to be a tough part indeed @nutted_it_machining
Hope the Raptor fixtures helped with the task.
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Both lines of Piranha’s Self Centering Gepard and Snapper Vises will work with their Zero Point System and Risers.
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Piranha’s 1/4” coolant delivery system with a 20mm nozzle. Piranha provides up to 1100 psi of pressure, as well as, efficiently directing your coolant to the critical cutting/grinding zones.
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@saklax thanks for sharing this awesome part on our workholding!
Raptor Dovetail Fixture RWP-006SS
Raptor 3.5” Riser
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Raise Awareness!
Dress in BLUE tomorrow for National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.💙
We come across some pretty amazing parts, but how cool is this matchbox car?
Raptor Dovetail Fixture RWP-001SS
Raptor Assembly -The Mini Tombstone
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VMR1 Competition Racing - Raptor Working Holding Thanks to having amazing customers! Our buddies at WMR Competition Performance put together this video for us. Thank you for your support guys. Having great customers like you is what keeps us motivated! Check out their links below.
Instagram: ...
Raptor Pinch Block Check out how to use Raptor's Pinch blocks for a quick workholding solution for secondary and final operations. 5 axis workholding - Soft jaws for your Dovetail fixtures.
We're looking forward to seeing you at IMTS 2016! Come check out our brand new, interchangeable jaw, 5-axis self centering vise. Booth W-1556.
WIN A DOVETAIL FIXTURE: JUNE CONTEST '16 Hi Everyone! If you're not already following us on Instagram or Facebook please do for a chance to win a FREE RAPTOR DOVETAIL FIXTURE! All you need to do is post and share a photo of your parts running on ...
Getting The Most From Your 5 Axis - Multi-Fixtures Awesome video by Tim Paul of Autodesk, Inc. using Raptor's multi-fixture nest RWP-003-4X in the MX-520.
Adapter Plate/ Riser: RWP-234 (Direct connect to the 300mm pallet)
Multi Fixture: RWP-003-4X
How to use Raptor Workholding - Training: 1 This video was created for training purposes on Raptor Workholding products.
For questions please feel free to contact
Sarah Selva: National Sales Manager
(818) 841-1785
Workholding Tips for your Haas Indexer COMING SOON: Watch as Hauck Engineering uses Raptor's brand new adapter to do some aggressive 4 axis machining. This new adapter is a direct mount to your HA5C allowing you to attach it right onto your indexer and get to ...
Raptor Workholding Products See how Raptor's Dovetail fixtures work on our new video!

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