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2.25" Dovetail 100mm Vise Plate Connector
for RWP-502 Vise

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Height 1.000 Inches
Machine Type Any
Connects to RWP-006, RWP-006SS, RWP-502

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Basic Dimensions
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The RWP-242-V100 is designed with the following interfaces:
Top surface has the RWP-502, 100mm Self Centering Vise, mounting interface.
Bottom surface has the RWP-006(SS), 2.25” dovetail, mounting interface.

The great feature about this product is that it allows you flexibility to interchange from a dovetail fixture application to a vise application, or vise versa, without breaking down your setup. It’s simple and quick:

  1. Mount the dovetail vise plate on to the RWP-006(SS) fixture, secure the spring loaded clamps
  2. Insert the 2 dowel pins into the plate holes, designated for centering & locating.
  3. Position the vise over the dowel pins, load onto the plate, insert and tight the Mitee Bite Loc-Down screws.

The RWP-244-V100 is manufactured from 7075 Aluminum - Anodized:Type II Class 2.

Our adapters and risers allow you to attach Raptor Workholding products to any four or five-axis CNC machine. If you need an adapter or riser not seen here, please let us know.

 Key Dimensions for RWP 244-v100

Piranha coolant line video! Check it out!
In honor of National Love Your Pet Day we wanted to share some animals of the office staff! ❤️
Our VP of sales Ray, Enjoying a lovely evening in Switzerland having dinner with Raphael and Daniela our awesome  business partners from Piranha  Clamp!
RWP-1051 standard parallel (1/8 ledge) for the RWP-502 vise!
•provides precise straight edge for clamping machines workpiece
•good for light/medium duty machining
•rail provides maximum support while allowing clearance on bottom of workpiece
•hardened and ground steel
•sold individually
RWP-1050 Serrated 45 degree dovetail which fits the RWP-502!
•use as a dovetail clamp or serrated edge clamp
•utilizes dovetail form for secure clamping and retention
•bite height =.110
•dovetail width can be modified to fit different workpiece sizes
•it ...
RWP-502 100mm Self centering vise!
*all steel construction
*automatically positions workpiece in center of vise
*centering tolerance is +/-0.013 (0.0005)
*repeatability is 0.001
*jaw clamping range is 0-2.500 as shown and 2.500-5.620 with jaws reversed!
*jaw insert options available for ...
Piranha cooling line solves all cooling problems on chip-removing processing!
*withstands pressure up to 80 bar *long lifespan thanks to anodized coating
*fits on all standard tool holders
* available in 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 inch
*Call us for more ...
The first picture shows a RWP-203 adapter with a RWP-002SS mounted to it with raw material on top. The second picture then shows what used to be raw material in its final phase with all 5 sides machined!
On Tuesday TE-CO hosted its annual chili cook off! There were 7 different pots in the competition! Employees tested each pot and voted on the one they liked best!
Cynthia Hoover pot 5 was our winner! Congratulations Cynthia!
Piranha has two new 75mm vises to offer!
*the one on left is a zero point mounting system
*the one on the right is a direct mount
Give us a call today for pricing and more information!
Thanks to Visoneering for the opportunity to see Raptor in action!
The RWP-001 fixture on multiple applications and running 20 hours a day!
The wall of Hurco!
We love working with the aerospace projects and seeing the outcome!

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