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Aluminum Universal Adapter

for RWP-502 Vise

9.875" Diameter, 2.00" Height
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Diameter 9.875 Inches
Height 2.000 Inches
Machine Type Any
Connects to RWP-502

Configuration Options
Basic Dimensions
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This universal adapter is designed with the Raptor vise, RWP-502, interface. The vise connects to this adapter using (2) Loc-Down Screws and (2) dowel pins (one for location/one for centering).

The adapter also has T-slots to allow for use on multiple machine pallets or rotary tables. 

Depending upon your application needs, there are two mounting options:

  1. Mount the RWP-502 vise directly to RWP-222-V100 universal adapter.*
  2. Stacked: mount the RWP-502 vise, RWP-242-V100 riser plate, with the RWP-222-V100 universal adapter.*

            * See additional images for product mounting illustrations.

The RWP-222-V100 is manufactured from 7075 Aluminum, Anodized Type II Class 2

Our adapters and risers allow you to attach Raptor workholding products to any four or five-axis CNC machine. If you need an adapter or riser not seen here, please let us know.

 Key Dimensions for RWP 222-v100

 Key Dimensions for RWP 222-v100

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