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Aluminum Adapter for RWP-003

5C Rotary Indexer
Spindle Nose 8TPI
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Machine Type 5C Rotary Indexer
Connects to RWP-003

Instructions & Guidelines
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The RWP-238-8 is an adapter that enables the the RWP-003 to be mounted to any 5C Rotary Indexer with a spindle nose of 8 TPI.

The standard RWP-238-8 is made out of 7075 aluminum.

Our adapters and risers allow you to attach Raptor workholding products to any four or five-axis CNC machine. If you need an adapter or riser not seen here, please let us know.

To assemble the RWP-238-8 adapter to the RWP-003 dovetail fixture, install the 2 supplied dowel pins in the RWP-003 diametrically opposed.

Mate the adapter to the RWP-003 using the supplied 3/8-16 socket head cap screw and beveled washer. Use around 250 inch pound torque.

Load the dovetail prepped workpiece in the RWP-003. It is recommended to then clamp your blank stock in a vise to facilitate tightening the SHCS. This process is needed one time only to ensure that the fixture is completely tightened to your adapter. Once completed, the adapter can be quickly screwed on and off the spindle nose.

To assemble to your Indexer, first ensure that all mating surfaces are clean. Screw the RWP-238-8 on to the rotary. After bottoming out on the spindle nose, use the supplied pin wrench to tighten. Apply moderate pressure once more to enforce attachment. Tighten the 4 brass tipped screws to complete set up.


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