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Aluminum 1.5"
Dovetail Pinch Block
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Dovetail Height 0.125in
Dovetail Width 1.5in

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In a pinch for an expedient solution for secondary/final operations with reoccuring machining or for removing a dovetail from the sixth side of a finshed part? Here it is, the ultimate solution.... the RWP-703 Pinch Block, with a 1.5" dovetail base!

The dovetail base of the pinch block is the same dovetail that has been prepped on your workpiece, to use on a Raptor 1.5" dovetail fixture. This is great because it allows you to utilize the same fixture immediately: Quickly swap out a workpiece and replace with this pinch need to breakdown a set-up for another workholding product.

The shim insert, provided, acts as a spacer so that the part's shape can be carved out in its most natural state, essentially contouring its shape.

Using the pinch block is simple: load the pinch block onto the dovetail fixture, carve out the shape of your part, drop your part in, hand-tighten jaws with a 5/16 hex key hand wrench, and start machining.

Having a set of these on hand, ready to use, is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

Pinch Block made from 7075-T6511 Aluminum, Anodized Class 2 Type II

Dimensions are 5" L x 2.950" W x 1.820" H.


    Included with this fixture:

Qty of one Socket hard cap screw

Qty of one Standard Shim

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