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8/32 x 1/4
Replacement Locating Pins
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Compatible With , RWP-001, RWP-001SS, RWP-002, RWP-002SS, RWP-003, RWP-003-4X, RWP-004, RWP-006, RWP-007SS, RWP-008SS, RWP-009SS, RWP-010SS, RWP-011SS, RWP-012SS, RWP-013, RWP-013SS, RWP-015, RWP-017SS, RWP-018, RWP-018SS, RWP-022SS, RWP-023, RWP-024, RWP-024-2XR, RWP-025, RWP-401-11, RWP-403SS-12

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These 8/32" x 1/4" replacement locating pins are for the majority Raptor Fixtures, except: RWP-019SS, RWP-031SS, RWP-032SS.

Made from 18-8 Stainless Steel, head height 0.085" and full thread.

Five replacement pins per pack.

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