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Aluminum 0.50"
Dovetail Fixture
3.8" Dia. BC
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Dovetail Width 0.50in
Dovetail Height .125in
Max Workpiece Weight 10  Pounds
Max Workpiece Width 4.75 In
Max Workpiece Length 4.75 In
Max Workpiece Height 4.75 In
Fixture Material Aluminum
Number of Clamps 2 Clamps
Clamp Part Number RWP-CL306SQ
Fixture Height 3in

Instructions & Guidelines
Basic Dimensions
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This 0.50" dovetail fixture is utilized for milling and turning applications. It offers superior clamping strength while allowing access to five sides of the workpiece. The fixture comes with the four mounting bolts, one Dowel Pin for location. The optional base plug (which you can turn down to the size you need) is sold separately - see spare parts: RWP-208-Plug.

The standard RWP-018 is manufactured from 7075 Aluminum and anodized: Class 2 Type II.

Raptor Dovetail Fixtures are made to hold your part on four and five-axis CNC machines. The fixtures provide rigid clamping while exposing five faces of the workpiece - Most features can be completed in a single operation. Our unique Raptor Dovetail spring-loaded clamps require only 1/8" of material to hold the workpiece. That means less waste, easier prep and no distortion. You prepare all your parts with a single dovetail and utilize the same fixture for every part. Easy, strong and efficient.

* Typical workpiece size dimensions (L x W x H): From: 2.50" x 0.950" x 0.50" To: 4.75" x 4.75" 4.75"

Patented Design. Patent US8,672,310 B2

Download 0.50" Dovetail Prep Drawing (pdf)
Dovetail Prep Troubleshooting (pdf)
Proper Dovetail Geometry (pdf)

  • Fixtures must be bolted down firmly to your Pallet or Table using the screws provided.
  • Do not alter or replace any screw, spring or clamp with anything other than the exact item provided.
  • Clamps must be tightened between 120 and 177 inch pounds of torque. DO NOT EXCEED 177 Inch Pounds.
  • When machining your workpiece with the dovetail it is critical that you follow our sketches. Failure to do so may result in the workpiece coming loose and or damage to your fixture. Pay close attention to required sizes and radius requirements on the sketches.
  • Failure to follow these instructions may result in injury or damage to your workpiece, tools, fixtures and/or machine.


Qty of four 1/2-13 X 1.0 Socket Head Cap Screws
Qty of one 1/2-13 X 1.0 Dowel Pin

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